How much does it cost?

Individual entry fee is $50. If you enter as a family or a team, you receive $5 off per person. Surf club members will also receive a $5 discount. If you enter a month prior to the event, you will also save an extra $5. All discounts are applied upon registration automatically, but if you are having any difficulty please contact us.

What will I get from it?

Aside from the awesome experience, everyone will be receiving an event running hat, and a chance to win category awards, or a range of spot prizes throughout the day. There will be an event photographer capturing pre, during and post race photos, which will be available here and on our Facebook page following the race.

What are the categories?

Depending on your age and gender, individuals can enter as  Junior (5 to 17yrs), Open (18 to 34yrs) or Master (over 35yrs) male or female. You also have the option of entering as a team or family, which requires a minimum of 3 people to create. Awards will be given for the top 3 place getters of each category, as well as spot prizes including best team/family name and uniform!

What should I bring/wear?

Due to varying track quality we highly recommend wearing supportive runners. We also advise breathable running attire, but there are no restrictions. We won't turn you away if you turn up in a superman costume! No water bottles or camel backs will be necessary, due to multiple drink stations positioned throughout the course.

Where should I stay?

Wye River offer a variety of accomodation options whatever your preference.

More of a camper? The BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park or Wye River Beachfront Campground have plenty of sites to offer.
If you want something a bit homely there is a large range of houses available to rent for the weekend on AirbnbCamping and housing is also available at neighbouring Kennet River, only 5mins drive towards Apollo Bay.

What happens if the race is cancelled?

In the circumstance of the event being cancelled, participants will be offered a free entry for future events, whilst still receiving their merchandise from the current year.

What if I can't attend the race?

Unfortunately, no refund can be provided if cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the event. A 75% refund will be provided to any cancellations prior to this.

What if I can't finish the race?

There will be multiple Surf Lifesavers and trained first aiders stationed throughout the course. If you injure yourself, we won't be far away. If you require assistance from the track, you will either be escorted by a volunteer or collected in out emergency vehicle depending on your condition.

Am I allowed to walk the race? 

You are more than welcome to take your time. Some of the hills are quite difficult, and we expect most people to walk at some stage of the race.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately due to personal and wildlife safety reasons, dogs are not able to join you for the run. There will be plenty of happy volunteers to dog sit for you at the finish line!

What if there is an emergency?

All of our volunteers will be in communication with one another via radio. In the event of an emergency, the track will be cleared by the corresponding volunteers to our evacuation point to the CFA building, where a head count will be completed. All local emergency services are notified of the event and will be readily available if needed.

Will there be food/water available?

We will be providing a water truck at the start line to fill up your bottles, as well as water stations throughout the event. There will be a BBQ and Smoothie Marquee at Harrington Park (finish line)

When/where is presentation?

Presentation will be held at Harrington Park (next to bunkhouse/start line) at 1pm.


Where can I access my results?

Category winners will be announced at presentation. Individual times will be posted on the website via the results page.

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